Bosnia not among invitees of Biden's Summit for Democracy

NEWS 24.11.2021 10:43
Joe Biden

After the initial information that Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo were not among the invitees of this year's Summit for Democracy, which US President Joe Biden hosts next month, it has been officially confirmed that Bosnia is the only country in the region not attending the event.

The State Department published on Tuesday the final list of the participants, which includes all countries of the Western Balkans – including Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania, with the exception of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This puts Bosnia in the company of China and Russia, who were also not included in the list.

Media reported earlier this month that representatives of 100 countries, which then included Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia, received the invitation letter, but alongside these three countries the final list now also includes Serbia and Kosovo.

Biden will host the virtual summit on December 9 and 10. The official agenda has not been unveiled yet.


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