Bosnia records significant increase in tourist arrivals

NEWS 05.07.2022 09:24
Source: F.Z./N1

The number of tourists who visited Bosnia and Herzegovina in May this year was higher by 70.8% compared to April and 124.1% higher than in May 2021, according to official statistics.

There were 289,346 overnight stays recorded throughout the same month, which was again over 70% higher than in April and 115.8 more than in May last year. Domestic tourists covered 40.6% of that number, while 59.4% were foreigners who visited the country.

Among the most numerous tourists were those from Serbia (15.8%), Croatia (9.4%), Turkey (6.3%), Slovenia (5.7%), UAE (5.5%), Germany (5.4%), Saudi Arabia (4.6%), the USA (4%), France 3.2%) and Austria (3%) which makes 62.9% of the total number of overnight stays, according to the Statistics Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Those staying the longest periods include the tourists from Egypt with average of 3.6 nights, Bahrainis with 3.5 nights, the Irish and Japanese 3.4 nights, Kuwaitis and Estonians 3.1 and the Danes with three nights in average.


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