Bosnia still searching for 7,597 missing persons

NEWS 30.08.2022 17:43
Source: FENA/Općina Hadžići

The Advisory Board of the BiH Missing Persons Institute marked the International Day of Missing Persons - on August 30, in Banja Luka remembering all persons who are considered missing. They pointed out the fact that enforced disappearances are the result of a committed crime.

“That date has a special weight in our country, bearing in mind that during the 1992-1995 war in BiH some 35,000 people disappeared and that even today, 30 years after the start of the war, 7,597 missing people are still being searched for,” the Institute spokesperson Emza Fazlic told Fena news agency.

The central event was held later on Tuesday, with a peaceful walk from Gospodska Street to Krajina Square, where the exhibition “Where is he/she?” of the International Committee of the Red Cross, consisting of the names of all persons whose remains are still being sought for, was displayed.


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