Bosnia to initiate talks on joining EU Civil Protection Mechanism

NEWS 13.07.2022 13:52
Source: F.Z./N1

The BiH parliament unanimously approved the proposal for the initiation of the procedure for conducting negotiations for the conclusion of the Agreement between the European Union (EU) and Bosnia and Herzegovina Wednesday on the participation of BiH in the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

By concluding this agreement, Bosnia will become a full member of the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism, which will significantly strengthen its capacities and readiness for a more efficient response to natural and other disasters.

In this way, the conditions are created for institutions from the protection and rescue system of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with other member countries of this mechanism, to be equipped, trained and qualified according to EU standards.

Also, the member states of this mechanism are obliged to support other member states affected by disasters when necessary and to the extent that they can offer. Cooperation includes, among other things, the exchange of information, the coordination of their operations and, when possible, the sharing of resources (eg means of transport) to ensure a faster and more efficient response to a disaster, both within the EU and outside it.


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