Bosniak Caucus vetoes RS laws against High Representative's decision

NEWS 05.08.2021 19:55
Source: N1

The Bosniak Caucus in the Council of Peoples of Bosnia's Republika Srpska (RS) entity initiated the procedure of the protection of vital national interest on the laws adopted in the RS National Assembly regarding the ban on genocide denial and the law punishing the contempt of the RS, thus vetoing them until the end of the procedure, N1 learned Thursday.

During a closed session on July 30, the RS National Assembly adopted the Law on Non-Application of the Decision on the Prohibition of Genocide Denial by the urgent procedure.

The Law on Amendments to the Criminal Code of the RS was also adopted, ie amendments to this law, which punish individuals for calling the RS a ‘genocidal creation’.

The request of the Bosniak Caucus will first be considered by the Council of Peoples, which, according to the procedure, confirms every law adopted by the RS National Assembly.


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