Bosniak coalition in Srebrenica does not support new local assembly head

NEWS 17.09.2021 12:15
Source: N1 BiH

After the head of the local assembly in Srebrenica, Camil Durakovic, was dismissed, the Bosniak political coalition in the eastern town, ‘My Address: Srebrenica’, said it does not support the new assembly speaker, Salko Tursunovic.

According to the Vice President of the Assembly, Radomir Pavlovic, 15 councillors voted for Durakovic’s dismissal, while one voted against it.


The Thursday session became heated, and representatives of the My Address: Srebrenica left because they did not agree on the agenda. Serb councillors demanded that the proposal to dismiss Durakovic be one of the first points on the agenda, which Bosniak councillors did not agree with.

My Address: Srebrenica said it reached three conclusions after the session.

– At the suggestion of the Party for BiH (which Salko Tursunovic is a member of), the Club of Councilors of the coalition “My Address: Srebrenica” excludes Salko Tursunovic from this club.

– Salko Tursunović does not have the support of the Club of Councilors of the coalition “My Address: Srebrenica” and the Democratic Front (DF) in the Municipal Assembly of Srebrenica.

– The club of councillors of the coalition “My address: Srebrenica” and DF continue to support Bosniak officials who were appointed on a proposal by this club.

“Considering that the Club of Councilors of the coalition “My Address: Srebrenica” and DF advocates the realization of the rights of Bosniaks through collective, joint action of Bosniak councillors, and not through an individual monopoly by taking over political powers, we call on Salko Tursunovic to resign as President of the Assembly, as he was not appointed to that position on a proposal of this club and he does not have the support of any Bosniak councillor in performing that function,” the coalition said.


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