Bosnian 11-year-old pianist qualifies to perform at Carnegie Hall

NEWS 01.06.2021 18:551 komentar
Omar Halilović
Source: Omar Halilović (YouTube)

Bosnian 11-year-old pianist, Omar Halilovic, has won an award at the prestigious Suzanne Culley Composition Competition in New York, which has opened the door for this young artist to perform at the spectacular venue of the Carnegie Hall next year.

Halilovic and his teacher Amsal Aganovic were the only representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina in this competition.

The 11-year-old musician started his music education at the local school in Sarajevo Ilidza neighbourhood, in the class of piano professor Aganovic.

Due to his exceptional talent and dedication, as his professor said, Halilovic won many prestigious awards during three years of performing actively.

Although he was deprived of regular preparations at school due to the pandemic, Halilovic managed to progress to the finals of the Suzanne Culley competition and to win first place in his age category.

The concert at the Carnegie Hall is planned for June 29, 2022.


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