Bosnian and Croatian foreign ministers discuss ways to improve cooperation

NEWS 14.04.2021 18:17
Source: N1

After a meeting with her Croatian counterpart Gordan Grlic-Radman, Bosnia’s Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic said on Wednesday she thought they had found a compromise formula on how to move forward and resolve unresolved issues between the two countries.

“One of the topics of our conversation was how to resolve issues related to this time of the fight against the pandemic, how we can better cooperate regarding epidemiological measures so that the effects of these measures contribute to easier transition and vaccination,” Turkovic said.

She said she would like to see the option of facilitating border crossings for BiH citizens travelling to Croatia.

“The issue of covid passports is unspecified, and we must help in this as two countries. Our services will make a detailed plan so that the summer can be welcomed more prepared than before,” Turkovic told reporters after the meeting.

“We discussed issues from [US State Secretary Antony J.] Blinken's letter, which speak of small changes to the (Bosnian) Constitution. It is definitely, time to incorporate the decisions of the Court in Strasbourg, to reach the phase of resolving the Sejdic-Finci problem, and to ensure the rights of all citizens through the reform of the Election Law, which would reduce the existing problems in BiH,” she said.

The BiH Foreign Minister added that the activities of the Republic of Croatia are aimed at creating the conditions for Bosnia’s faster accession to the EU and that the internal issues should remain as such.


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