Bosnian and Montenegrin ministers discuss joint road infrastructure projects

NEWS 05.05.2021 15:20
Source: Ministarstvo komunikacija i prometa BiH

Bosnia’s Minister of Communications and Transport, Vojin Mitrovic, met with Montenegro's Minister of Capital Investments, Mladen Bojanic, to discuss several transport infrastructure projects.

The ministers, along with their ministry delegations, discussed the development of the connections Hum – Scepan Polje, the new bridge on the Tara river, joint border crossings, the international bilateral transport of passengers and goods and the exchange of good practices and experiences between the two countries.

Mitrovic said that, at this moment, the most important thing is to connect Sarajevo with Podgorica, adding that the construction of the bridge on the Tara River between BiH and Montenegro is one of the most important joint projects, for which an international agreement should be signed at a ministerial meeting that is to take place in Slovenia in July.

“We are here to help the citizens of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also the countries of the region to solve their needs for the transport of passengers and goods as easily and simply as possible by building road infrastructure,” he said.

The ministers agreed to start the construction of the bridge on Tara with an integrated border crossing as soon as possible.

“A precondition for good road communication is its good safety, which would speed up the exchange of goods and the arrival of people in BiH and Montenegro,” said Minister Bojanic, adding that the construction of a bridge on the Tara River will contribute to even better good neighbourly relations between the two countries.


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