Bosnian Border Police rescue 33 migrants from Drina river

NEWS 22.11.2022 22:26
Source: GP BiH

Bosnian Border Police rescued 33 Afghan citizens, who were faced with drowning in the Drina river, on the border with Serbia.

Members of the Border Police Unit in the eastern town of Zvornik spotted a group of migrants on Monday on the part of the state border between the towns of Sepak and Branjevo, who were trapped in the said area amid a sudden rise in the water level of the Drina river.

After the report that the migrants were trapped in that area, the police immediately acted, using special equipment including a drone, and located a group of migrants surrounded by water.

The group of 33 Afghan citizens was successfully rescued in cooperation with the Zvornik Civil Protection Administration.

Twenty-seven persons were sent to Bosnia's Foreigner Affairs’ Service, while six of them were transported to the Zvornik Health Center for medical assistance, Bosnian Border Police said on Tuesday.


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