Bosnian builds replica of Formula 1 car out of scrap parts

NEWS 15.07.2022 20:25
Source: Radio Slobodna Evropa

Formula 1 enthusiast Anis Hadzikadunic, from the town of Doboj, made use of his knowledge as a mechanic and tinsmith to fulfill his dream and create a replica of the cars, Radio Free Europe reports.

Anis has been an avid fan of F1 his entire life, but never had the chance to watching the races live.

So he decided to build himself a car like the ones he saw on TV.

“It weighs 400 kilograms and is twice as light as a real F1 car,” he told Radio Free Europe.

The car is five meters long and can reach speeds of up to 200 km per hour. He spent a year buying scrap parts and decided to build the car based on a smaller model.

He also managed to acquire a race suit, which he found among second-hand goods.

“The vehicle is unique and only one of its kind exists,” he said.

Hadzikadunic said he invested some 2.500 euros into this hobby so far, but that there is still more work to do.


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