Bosnian Embassy in London negotiates vaccine purchase with British company

NEWS 15.04.2021 14:15
Source: REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

Bosnian Embassy in London confirmed that it reached out to a British company to discuss the possibility of urgent purchase of AstraZeneca vaccines for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The embassy told N1 it acted at instructions of Bosnia's Foreign Affairs Ministry and took a series of steps towards the urgent procurement of Covid-19 vaccines.

On April 13, the embassy organised a virtual meeting with a British company operating in the health sector, which was apart from BiH Ambassador Vanja Filipovic also attended by the representatives of the Public Health Institute of Bosnia's Federation (FBiH) entity.

“The meeting discussed options of urgent procurement of AstraZeneca vaccines, price, quantity and delivery pace if this is implemented,” the embassy told N1, adding that the offer stipulates the delivery within a two-week period.

The FBiH entity Government confirmed they were informed about the offer and that it tasked the Public Health Institute to take further steps, without specifying any other details of the arrangement.


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