Bosnian football fans allowed in stadiums as of mid-July

NEWS 06.07.2021 17:22
stadion asim ferhatovic hase
Source: FK Sarajevo

The football fans will be allowed in the stadiums across Bosnia and Herzegovina as of July 17, the opening date for the new BiH Premier League season, Football Federation Secretary General Adnan Dzemidzic said on Tuesday.

UEFA's Return to Play protocol, which was introduced during the pandemic and defined all medical and operational obligations for those taking part in or organising the football matches, is no longer in force in BiH as the country relaxed the public health measures based on expert opinions in both of its entities, the Federation and Republika Srpska, and improved epidemiological situation, said Dzemidzic.

“That means the fans will be back to the stadium as of the first round of the upcoming season of BiH Premier League,” he added.

Match organisers will have to follow the instructions of the crisis staff experts and strictly apply all instructions and COVID-19 protocols during the games, explained Dzemidzic, adding that the number of persons allowed in the stadiums may differ from region to region, depending on the public health measures being in effect at the given moment.

If the situation with the epidemic gets worse, the UEFA protocol might be activated again, he added.


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