Bosnian Football Federation elects new leader, UEFA promises support

NEWS 16.03.2021 16:19
Source: N1

Bosnia and Herzegovina Football Federation's electoral body selected Vico Zeljkovic as the new leader of the Federation, as the only candidate being nominated for this post.

Zeljkovic, who previously acted as the President of the Football Federation in Bosnia's Republika Srpska region, was elected with 57 votes.

Ivan Beus was appointed his first deputy.

UEFA's Thierry Favre addressed the delegates of the Football Federation's General Assembly, saying that Bosnia's Football Association can count on UEFA's support and that their successful cooperation will hopefully continue.

Zeljkovic also addressed the General Assembly, expressing gratitude to the FIFA and UEFA, particularly Favre who made an effort and arrived in Sarajevo to attend this session.

“We owe deep gratitude to the FIFA and UEFA, they helped us financially to overcome the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. We will resume the cooperation and we would also like to intensify the cooperation with other associations in the region. It is our wish to take part in the world's football competitions again after a long time. We have a good team and we can make it for sure,” he said.


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