Bosnian MP who was sanctioned by US government resigns

NEWS 13.04.2022 10:57
Source: Fena

Bosnian MP Asim Sarajlic, who was put on the Office of Foreign Assets Control's (OFAC) list of sanctioned individuals from the Western Balkans this week, resigned from all the positions in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sarajlic is now former Head of the Bosniak Caucus in the House of Peoples, Chairman of the Joint Parliamentary Commission for Defence and Security, and Chairman of the BiH Parliament Delegation at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

Explaining his move, Sarajlic said that it was his duty to resign following the decision of the US government.

“As a Responsible person, to whom the interest of the state is above everything, I would not want to be an obstacle in the implementation of common strategic plans and partnership of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the USA,” said Sarajlic, adding that he is making this move although he was not sentenced for any crime.

Sarajlic also said that the US is a true friend and strategic partner of Bosnia and Herzegovina, so no individual should be an obstacle to the cooperation of the two countries.

He expects all the allegations from the US government's decision and potential evidence to be delivered to the Bosnian judiciary, adding that he is convinced he would prove his innocence in a fair trial.


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