Bosnian returnee family lives in deserted village using solar panels for energy


Camil Vuk his wife and daughter are the only residents in the village of Borac in south Bosnian municipality of Gacko. Despite being the only residents there, their desire to live in their hometown was stronger than the difficulties they face daily.

His village has no electricity, But Camil found a way to use alternative energy sources for his own needs.

After donating solar panels to the Vuk family a minimum of electricity, representatives of the Federation (FBiH) entity's Displaced Persons and Refugees Ministry visited the family.

On that occasion, they witnessed the needs of the three-member family and handed them batteries that will help them with electricity supply.

Camil Vuk pointed out that he finds inspiration in his village where he plans to continue living, and that he got used to living with the help of solar energy, the FBiH Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees announced.


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