Bosnian Serb entity Assembly won't allow OHR representatives to attend session

NEWS 09.12.2021 16:51
Source: N1

Denis Sulic, deputy speaker of entity parliament in Bosnia's Serb-majority region Republika Srpska, said that the representatives of the Office of the High Representative, international peace envoy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, won't be allowed at the session on Friday, which will discuss the withdrawal of entity from the central institutions.

The OHR earlier notified the National Assembly of Republika Srpska that its representative would attend the session.

“Let me say that this was not a request or a plea but a notification. As the deputy speaker, I have informed them they will not be allowed to do that,” Sulic said, adding that such way of communication with the National Assembly regardless of whether it comes from the OHR or any other office is not acceptable.

Sulic is a representative of the ruling SNSD party, led by Milorad Dodik – the Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, who strongly objects the presence of the international peace envoy's office in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After now former High Representative Valentin Inzko imposed law changes banning the genocide denial and glorification of war criminals earlier this year, Dodik announced the withdrawal of Republika Srpska's consent for the central institutions, including tax administration, top judicial body and armed forces, but also has not acknowledged the appointment of the new High Representative, German diplomat Christian Schmidt.

RS entity parliament official said there was no basis for their presence in the session on Friday.

“Given the fact that there is no high representative in BiH, hence neither his office, I see no ground for their presence in the special session. Besides, addressing the National Assembly is imperatively something I cannot accept,” said Sulic.

However, the representatives of the European Union Delegation to BiH will be allowed the attendance, as they kindly requested, according to Sulic.

“Republika Srpska respects EU and is ready to talk with all those who respect Republika Srpska,” he added.

Sulic also said that the live broadcast of the session will be available to the audience, so the OHR representatives can watch it like all citizens.


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