Bosnian Serb leader: One more thing I expect from Americans is to kill me

NEWS 05.01.2022 22:27
Source: N1

Milorad Dodik, the Serb member of Bosnia and Herzegovina's tripartite Presidency, addressed a press conference following the sanctions that the US administration imposed on him on Wednesday over corrupt activities and undermining the country's stability.

“One more thing I expect from the Americans is to kill me, to remove me. So I would like to say it publicly if that happens it is the Americans who did it with the assistance of the British,” Dodik said.

Dodik has been on the US Department of the Treasury's black list since 2017, months after he organised a referendum on the Day of the Republika Srpska, Bosnia's Serb-majority region, after Bosnia's Constitutional Court ruled that marking the holiday on January 9, the St. Stephen's Day, is discriminatory against other peoples who live in the region.

The Serb leader was then sanctioned for disputing the Constitutional Court's decisions and breaching the rule of law, thus obstructing the Dayton Peace Agreement. The sanctions were expanded on Wednesday.

Dodik noted after the latest decision that it happened just ahead of the Orthodox Christmas.

“You've heard something was imposed on Milorad Dodik in America. The sanctions that are almost identical to the ones from before,” he stated, accusing the US of “lying” and “directly interfering with internal affairs of BiH and Republika Srpska.”

He said the US was not hiding that it supports the Bosniaks, whom he called the “Muslims,” although the Constitution recognises this constituent people as the Bosniaks.

“This is not a reflection of power. I own no property in America so this is nothing but a farce,” Dodik stressed, adding that he has no intention either to travel to the US.

According to him, the US only wants someone who would destabilise Republika Srpska and annul its competencies, and they are in search for such a person.

“The US presented a series of lies and accusations that have no grounds. It is unbelievable that one serious country that had created the Dayton Agreement continues with monstruous lies, associating Milorad Dodik with some corrupt activities, without mentioning any of them,” said the Serb leader, noting that it should be a court to establish someone is corrupted and not “bureaucrats in the USA.”

“They wish to create a state for the Muslims,” he added.

Dodik once again denied the legitimacy of the international community's High Representative Christian Schmidt, calling him “a liar.”

“This world is indeed in a chaos because of such America that is trying to establish new standards. The USA is powerful, but equally fake,” said Dodik.

He also addressed insults towards the US and the UK ambassadors in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as US President Joe Biden himself.

“How come Biden is dealing with the fight against corruption, while the corrupt activities of his own family are well-known,” he added, without elaborating on this topic.

Dodik said he spoke to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic who, according to Dodik, said Serbia would not support the sanctions.

The two officials are expected to meet following the holidays, according to Dodik.


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