Bosnian state prosecution opens cases treating genocide denial

NEWS 28.07.2021 12:44
Source: Fena

Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina has formed cases treating the genocide denial based on complaints by several citizens, spokesperson Boris Grubesic told N1 on Wednesday, the day when the law treating the issue came into force.

“In the days after the High Representative (Valentin Inzko) published the decision (on genocide denial ban), we already started receiving complaints by several citizens, so some cases have already been formed,” said Grubisic.

Denial of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes as well as glorification of war criminals is prohibited in Bosnia and Herzegovina as of Wednesday, after the international envoy who holds special powers to impose laws introduced amendments to Bosnia's Criminal Code last week.

The amendments were officially published in the Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina a day ago.

Among other provisions, the law stipulates up to five years in prison of prison for genocide denial.


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