Bosnians across will demand an end to the BiH crisis at protests on January 10

NEWS 04.01.2022 12:04
Source: Reuters/Yves Herman

Bosnians across the world will on January 10 gather for a major protest and demand a stop to the biggest political crisis Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing since the 1990s.

Last month, organisers announced that a mass protest will take place in Brussels with the goal to point out to international officials, as well as the world public, that peace must be maintained in Bosnia and that all secessionist and anti-constitutional activities carried out by authorities in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity must be stopped.


Meanwhile, protests were also announced in Geneva, London, Ottawa, Toronto, Oslo, Rome, Vienna, Stockholm, several towns in Sweeden, as well as in Sarajevo and Tuzla on that date.

The Brussels protest will take place at the Schuman Square near the seats of European Union institutions. The protesters will read out a letter addressed to top EU officials, as well as the US President and several world leaders, including the prime ministers of the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

“We want to stress that this gathering is an expression of concern, as well as of patriotism, and that it does not aim to promote any political option, nor is it directed against any of the peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The events we have been witnessing in recent months are seriously endangering peace, and that is why it is our duty to speak out and make it clear that we do not want divisions and another war,” said Hamdija Draganovic, from the Platform BiH association which is organising the Brussels protest.

The protesters will also publicly send a letter of support to the Prosecutor's Office of BiH with a request to prosecute all parties and individuals who violate the rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“What the ruling coalition of the Republika Srpska entity is doing today has nothing to do with ethnic divisions, but is an attack on the state and an attempt to take over state powers by force. The laws and Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina must be respected, whatever they may be,” said Satko Mujagic, one of the organisers.


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