Bosnia's Donji Vakuf bans construction of hydropower plants for 20 years

NEWS 24.07.2021 18:25
Source: Vrbas

The Municipal Council of Donji Vakuf has unanimously denied the permit for the construction of small hydropower plants (SHPP) "Krivace 1" and "Krivace 2" on the Vrbas, during the sixth regular session. With this decision, the 18 councillors present supported the civic initiative in the fight against the construction of these facilities.

Also, the Council concluded that the issue of construction of HPPs on the river Vrbas and its tributaries will not be put on the Agenda of the Municipal Council of Donji Vakuf in the next 20 years.

During the previous session of the Municipal Council of Donji Vakuf, councillors viewed a presentation of the project of the two HPPs which provoked a longer discussion with various inquiries of councillors regarding the planned project, which is why the Conclusion was adopted for local communities to hold a public discussion on this issue.

In their initiative, the citizens, among other things, pointed out that the previous permit in the case of granting a concession cannot be issued without an adequately organized assembly of citizens and without the consent of the citizens, otherwise it would be illegal.


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