Bosnia's FBiH entity offers assistance to flood-stricken Germany

NEWS 17.07.2021 12:11
Source: AFP

The government of Bosnia's Federation (FBiH) entity has offered the assistance of the entity's special teams to help Germany in overcoming the consequences of devastating floods that hit the country the past week.

The government's urgent session was held on Saturday at the initiative of prime minister Fadil Novalic, who sent a note to the German Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina and offered the engagement of the human and material-technical capacities of the FBiH Police Administration and the FBiH Civil Protection Administration.

The teams would include specially trained staff, who can help in the search and identifying of those who have gone missing in the flooding.

If the embassy expresses interest in the offered services, the Police Administration and the Civil Protection Administration were tasked to take all necessary steps to provide the service.


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