Bosnia's FBiH entity starts direct talks with Covid-19 vaccine producers

NEWS 03.03.2021 10:27
Source: N1

Bosnia's Federation (FBiH) entity has launched the activities on purchase of Covid-19 vaccines, calling on pharmaceutical companies meeting necessary criteria to express their interest in this procedure.

“Activities will be conducted in line with recommendations by the FBiH Government, and one of the first actions is happening on Friday when all cantonal prime ministers and healthcare ministers in the FBiH will hold a meeting,” assistant healthcare minister in the FBiH Government Goran Cerkez told N1.

According to him, a number of companies have already responded to the call and some of them contacted the Sinopharm company about a potential direct purchase of vaccines from this Chinese producer.

As for the vaccines that Serbia donated this week to the FBiH entity, Cerkez said they are awaiting the distribution to all ten cantons once the state-level Agency for Medicines approves their use.

Healthcare workers are the first in the line for immunisation with the donated vaccines.


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