Bosnia's FBiH entity to join Sarajevo Canton's vaccine procurement efforts

NEWS 15.04.2021 15:48
vakcina protiv koronavirusa
Source: N1

The Government of Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity has approved an agreement with the Government of Sarajevo Canton on the implementation of a vaccine procurement agreement with the Russian Direct Investment Fund and authorized the FBiH Prime Minister to sign it.

“Given that the position of an independent negotiator would put the Sarajevo Canton at a disadvantage among producers compared to negotiators who require a larger amount of vaccines, which would directly affect the price per dose and waiting time for delivery, the Cantonal Prime Minister expressed interest and a requested the participation of the Government of FBiH in these activities,” a statement from the FBiH Government said.


The FBiH Government also request from Public Health Institute to take over a “proactive role” in the procurement procedure, saying the institution is obliged to “solve organizational-technical, personnel and other preconditions necessary for successful and proactive management of activities on the selection of sources of procurement, implementation of legal procedures, operational-technological preconditions for import and distribution of vaccines.”

“In case the implementation of these activities requires the adoption of decisions of the FBiH Government, the Institute must promptly address it with a proposal for their adoption,” it said.


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