Bosnia's FBiH region decides to relax epidemic restrictions

NEWS 06.05.2021 12:26
Source: Anadolija

Authorities decided on Thursday to relax the movement restrictions in Bosnia's Federation (FBiH) entity, after a decline in daily coronavirus figures and slight improvement of the epidemiological situation in this part of the country.

The new measures that will be reviewed in 14 days order that curfew hours will now last from 11 pm through 5 am, unlike over the previous period when citizens were not allowed to move outside as of 9 pm.

If authorities of the FBiH's subregions, its ten cantons, confirm the decision during the day, the new decision will be immediately in effect, Health Minister Vjekoslav Mandic said following the FBiH government session.

The government also relaxed the measures concerning the gatherings in the open, allowing groups of 30 instead of 20 people.

The FBiH is one of two Bosnia's semi-autonomous regions, making a little over half of the country. This is also where the capital city Sarajevo is located. Another region is Republika Srpska.


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