Bosnia's FBiH region gives additional time to company for purchase of Sputnik V

NEWS 25.03.2021 17:00
Source: Vlada FBiH

The Government of Bosnia's Federation (FBiH) entity decided that the company Medimpex d.o.o. Sarajevo should have additional time for fulfilling the obligation under the Contract on Procurement of Vaccines for the FBiH Population in 2021, which was signed on March 18, 2021. year, for "reasons of force majeure and change in circumstances that could not be influenced."

The FBiH Government announced that they received the letter from Nikola Zukor Lakusic, the representative of the RDIF Russia, who is participating in the procurement process of the Sputnik V vaccine with the company Medimpex d.o.o. Sarajevo, for the territory of FBiH. He assured them that the entire documentation would be submitted and that the arrangement for the procurement of Sputnik V vaccines would be efficiently implemented in a very short time. Lakusic also added that this will be done in circumstances that are inappropriate and difficult to work with.

“The government is determined to give additional time for the fulfilment of the obligations under the Contract on the procurement of vaccines for the needs of immunization of the population of FBiH in 2021, signed on March 18, 2021, due to force majeure, and changed circumstances that could not be influenced,” said.


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