Bosnia's FBiH region purchasing 350,000 Sputnik V vaccines

NEWS 11.03.2021 15:20
Source: N1

The authorities in Bosnia's Federation (FBiH) entity have selected two companies for direct purchase of coronavirus vaccines for citizens in this part of the country, FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalic confirmed on Thursday, adding that the first doses should start arriving shortly.

He said that the contracts with MGM Farm and Krajinagroup companies will be signed by Monday, when the contractors can start the purchase procedure.

The FBiH formed a team of experts who negotiated terms and conditions for the vaccine purchase in this part of the country, Novalic confirmed a few days ago, announcing that the proposal containing the price, producer, type of vaccine and quantity would be delivered to the FBiH Government through the FBiH Health Institute, the competent entity-level institution.

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“The task force did its job, received the offers from seven companies and shortlisted four of them, and then finally selected two companies. The criteria included delivery deadlines and price. Interestingly, every company offered the same price of 17 euro per vaccine. We were playing safe. Both selected companies offered the Sputnik V vaccine. There is no certainty in this job but we said in the contract that we would pay the moment the Agency for Medicines (of Bosnia and Herzegovina) registers this medicine,” said Novalic, adding that the first delivery will have to contain at least 100,000 vaccines, as stipulated by the contract.

Ha also said the Government will procure the total of 350,000 vaccines through these companies.

“It doesn't matter which one, what matters is which one comes the first. You see that neither the West nor the East calculates anymore,” Novalic said.

According to him, MGM Farm company said it can secure the delivery within three days after signing the contract, while Krajinagroup set a 3-4 week deadline for the delivery.

Bosnia's other semi-autonomous region, Republika Srpska, already started the direct purchase of vaccines and has so far received two deliveries of 20,000 Sputnik V vaccines.

The country as a whole secured over a million Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines through the COVAX system but has not received a single dose yet.



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