Bosnia's FBiH region starts direct purchase of coronavirus vaccines

NEWS 08.03.2021 17:32
Source: Fadil Novalić (Fena)

The authorities of Bosnia's Federation (FBiH) region formed a team of experts who will negotiate terms and conditions for the vaccine procurement for this part of the country, prime minister Fadil Novalic confirmed on Monday following the FBiH Government session.

According to Novalic, the experts will design a proposal containing the price, producer, type of vaccine and quantity, and deliver it to the FBiH Government through the FBiH Public Health Institute, the competent entity-level institution.

But, he stressed, the quantity of procured vaccines cannot exceed 400,000 because the country is still counting on a significant number of doses from the COVAX system and the European Union programme. Also, the price cannot exceed 12 million marks (approx 6 million Euro), because this is how much the entity budget can handle at the moment, the prime minister explained.

The experts will deliver the proposal by Thursday 10 am when Government will convene in a session.

“The Federation doesn't demand large quantities that cannot be delivered,” he added.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is still awaiting the first deliveries of the coronavirus vaccines it had applied for and paid through the COVAX system. Unlike the Federation, Bosnia's other region, Republika Srpska (RS), has already entered direct purchase of vaccines and received on Monday the second delivery of 20,000 doses of Russia-made Sputnik V vaccines.


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