Bosnia's Federation entity decides how IMF funds will be allocated to cantons

NEWS 02.09.2021 12:40
Source: N1/F.Z.

The Government of Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity decided on Thursday how the 200 million Bosnian Marks of IMF funds for implementing “structural reforms and overcoming the social, economic and health consequences of the pandemic, as well as infrastructure projects” will be allocated to the ten cantons.

According to the proposal, which was put together by the FBiH Finance Ministry, the Tuzla Canton will get the most from the funds, 38,928,152 BAM, while the Bosnia-Podrinje Canton will get the smallest amount, 4,152,192 BAM.

Canton Sarajevo will get 36,178,423 BAM, Zenica-Doboj Canton 31,878,226 BAM, Una-Sana Canton 23,903,093 BAM, Central Bosnia Canton 22,278,273 BAM, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton 19,419,727 BAM, West Herzgovina Canton 8,301,059 BAM and Posavina Canton 7,601,971 BAM.

Local authorities in the Cantons have to submit a report on how the money was spent until December 31 next year.

FBiH Prime Minister, Fadil Novalic, said that these funds would significantly support cantons and municipalities, while FBiH Finance Minister Jelka Milicevic said that the criterion for allocating money from the IMF was the number of inhabitants, except that the two smallest and least developed cantons received some more money.


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