Bosnia's Grand Mufti: Bosniaks will always remember the victims of the Holocaust

NEWS 27.01.2021 14:51

Forgetting and denying the Holocaust is inadmissible and Bosniaks will always remember the Jews killed during WWII, the head of Bosnia’s Islamic Community, Husein Kavazovic, wrote in a letter to the President of the World Jewish Congress on Wednesday, Ronald Lauder, and the head of Bosnia’s Jewish Community, Jakob Finci, marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“Every year, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day reminds us of the genocide during World War II, in which six million Jews were executed. The infamous Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated 76 years ago, on January 27, 1945, when this important date is celebrated,” Bosnia’s Grand Mufti said.

“The civilized world must remember the Holocaust over and over again so that new generations do not forget the time when fascism dominated over humanity. We must not believe that evil will disappear from the face of the Earth by itself. Forgetting and denying the Holocaust and genocide is inadmissible because it is the act of forgetting that leads to new similar campaigns of dark forces that do not tolerate any others and anyone different,” he said.

Kavazovic added that Bosniaks “fully sympathize with all the victims of the Holocaust, and we will certainly not forget to remind ourselves of what happened,” the MINA news agency reported.


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