Bosnia's intelligence agency says attacks on its structures intensify

NEWS 16.08.2022 16:22
Source: OSA/OBA BiH

A hybrid war against the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially its Intelligence-Security Agency (OSA), has been intensively waged over the past few years, the agency has warned, noting that the assaults on this institution and its management are becoming more frequent with an aim of destabilising it.

“Such well-planned attacks hinder the work of the Agency, but not its functioning. We are dedicated to our task, primarily the protection of the interests of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens, the fight against crime and corruption and all threats that come from within or outside,” reads the statement the Agency issued on Tuesday.

It also rejected all allegations that link the Agency's management with crime suspects, urging media to support the information they publish about the Intelligence-Security Agency with facts and to do it objectively.

OSA also called on partner agencies to become more actively involved in the fight against corruption and crime.

“Until now, the cooperation of the Intelligence-Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina with partner organizations in our country and abroad has never been absent, and it will remain like that,” the Agency said, adding that it continues to work in the interest of the state of BiH and all its peopels and citizens.


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