Bosnia's Konjic Municipality committed to building some 15 hydropower plants

NEWS 28.07.2021 11:04
Source: EPBiH

"The construction of small hydropower plants (HPP) on the Neretvica river is in the interest of the Konjic municipality and we express our unreserved commitment to the implementation of this project per the Concession Agreement, other contracts and all obligations," said Mayor Osman Catic during talks with Senad Salkic, Executive Director for Capital Investments of Elektroprivreda BiH.

He pointed out that “the prevention and suspension of construction inevitably lead to lawsuits from the investor Elektroprivreda BiH for the protection of rights and compensation, which would mean a significant financial burden for the Municipality.”

He stated that “the procedure would imply the de-expropriation and the return of invested multimillion funds, as well as the money invested in the Friendly Environment Program and other purposes.”

“During the conversation at which the dynamics of further activities was agreed, interlocutors noted that the organizers and participants of the event from June 1, 2020, and June 14, 2021, when the contractor was prevented from entering the construction site, do not have the support of the Konjic municipality,” said the power company Elektroprivreda BiH.
Citizens living in the Neretvica Valley blocked the trucks and machines of the construction companies GPI from Konjic and Amite from Mostar, which were heading towards Buturovic Polje to start the work on the construction of small HPPs on the Neretva River. The works were then prevented.

The power company plans to build as many as 15 plants on the Neretvica River, which has long been opposed by the local population.


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