Bosnia's Lana Pudar named best swimmer in Rijeka Grand Prix

NEWS 23.03.2022 14:50
Source: Lana Pudar

Bosnia’s best female swimmer Lana Pudar performed at the tournament "Victoria Primorje - HEP HPS Grand Prix" which was held in Rijeka, over the past few days where she was named the best swimmer.

Pudar performed in a total of six disciplines, and in the end, she was named the best swimmer of the Grand Prix in the sum of the two best results.

Pudar swam the 100 meters dolphin race in 59.17, which brought her 824 points, and the 50 meters dolphin race with a time of 27.28, where she gained 718 points.

The Rijeka Grand Prix was attended by 69 clubs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland with over 790 participants.

Lana will continue her preparations in Banja Luka and it is certain that good results at the beginning of the year will boost her optimism for the rest of the season.


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