Bosnia's Roma celebrate one of their most important holidays, Djurdjevdan

NEWS 06.05.2022 12:46
Source: N1

Members of the Roma minority in Bosnia are celebrating one of their most important holidays on Friday, Djurdjevdan, which for the formerly nomadic ethnic group marks the return of spring.

For the Roma, the arrival of Djurdjevan once marked the end of the winter and the beginning of a long journey.

The Roma traditionally light a fire, pick flowers and fetch water from a creek in the morning.

The flowers symbolise fertility and birth, the act of washing one’s face with the water symbolises washing away one’s sins and a new beginning, and a fire is a symbol for better days.

The festivities on that day begin with song, play and prepared meals.

N1 visited a Roma family in the village of Varde.

“It is the awakening of spring,” said Zemina Vehabovic, adding that every year on that day, the Roma pick flowers and fetch water before sunrise.

“Then there is music, we cook eggs, light fires, grill. Those who have more money also roast a lamb,” she said.


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