Bosnia's RS entity starts training of medical workers for mass vaccination

NEWS 23.02.2021 22:29
Source: N1

A three-day vaccination training for the medical workers in Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity commenced on Tuesday, ahead of the mass inoculation that is expected to start next month in this part of the country.

The staff of hospitals and Banja Luka Clinical Centre have already undergone the training, and now the turn has come for 54 healthcare institutes’ workers.

“Supplier has obliged to deliver certain amount of vaccines by end of February, we are still awaiting the information about the exact number of vaccines,” said Branislav Zeljkovic, head of the RS Healthcare Institute.

Epidemiologist Jela Acimovic explained that this process requires training because it is a mass vaccination that will be carried out at specially designed checkpoints.

Republika Srpska has so far inoculated 935 of its medical workers with the Russia-made Sputnik V vaccine.

The priority groups include, besides the medical workers, those aged above 65, the persons suffering from several chronic diseases, educational workers, the Interior Ministry officers, members of the Civil Protection Administration as well as journalists, cameramen and photo-reporters.


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