Bosnia's Velez FC suffers devastating 1:4 defeat against Swedish FC Elfsborg

NEWS 12.08.2021 22:12
Igrači Elfsborg slave gol protiv FK Velež
Source: Igrači Elfsborg slave gol protiv FK Velež (N1/Faruk Zametica)

Bosnian FC Velez’s European dream came to an end Thursday evening after suffering a devastating defeat from the Swedish Elfsborg of 1:4 in the UEFA Conference League qualifiers.

Velez team made a catastrophic mistake in the third minute after giving the ball to the Swedes who scored their first goal easily. Per Frick scored the first goal.

In the 16th minute, Jeppe Okkels scored the second goal and in the 48 he scored for the second time for 0:3.

Per Frick scored again in the 52nd minute for the final 0:4.

In 81st minute of the match, Dejan Gregojevic scored a consolation gole for a final result of 1:4.

As the match came to the end, both teams seemed to wait for the referee to mark the end of the match.

Although Velez’s European dream is over, the team can be proud of its performance after 30 years of absence from Europe. The Mostar team managed to knock out the favoured AEK, and against Elfsburg they played a draw in the away match.


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