Bosnia’s women's basketball team eighth in FIBA Power Rankings

NEWS 16.02.2022 20:11

Bosnia’s women's basketball team is eighth in the second volume of the International Basketball Federation’s (FIBA) Power Rankings after it made history by securing a spot in the World Cup 2022.

The team defeated the Japanese team 87-82 in the qualifiers in Osaka on Sunday.


This will be the Bosnian team's debut at a world cup competition, which is taking place in September.

“The truth is, Bosnia and Herzegovina could be absolutely anything when they go ‘Down Under’ in September. With Jonquel Jones in the mood, they can beat anyone – as they demonstrated when she almost single-handedly took down Japan. But expecting that level of performance in a tournament environment more than one or two times is a lot – even for someone as brilliant,” FIBA’s Paul Nilsen wrote.

He wrote that the BiH team “relies most heavily on one marquee star to get wins at the very highest level” and that “if she can't produce her incredible magic, they struggle.”

“The main point is that they have other talented players who need to get ballin again with the national team like Marica Gajic and Melisa Brcaninovic to support Jones and to a lesser extent the impressive Nikolina Babic. Overall though, what's not to love? They have nothing to lose and will take historical footsteps at the event when they hit the court in Sydney!” he wrote.


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