Bratunac mayor asks Montenegro's Parliament to abolish its Srebrenica Resolution

NEWS 26.07.2021 21:13
Source: Facebook

The municipal mayor of the eastern town of Bratunac, Srdjan Rankic, asked the parliament of Montenegro to abolish its Resolution condemning the Srebrenica Genocide, which the country adopted on June 17.

Rankic said that he submitted the initiative as the mayor of the municipality from the area Podrinje, where “a large number of Serb civilians were killed during the war in BiH.”


“On behalf of the citizens of the municipality of Bratunac, where the most horrible crimes were committed against 3,267 Serb civilians and soldiers, I submit an initiative to initiate the procedure of annulling the resolution on genocide in Srebrenica, which was adopted by the Parliament of Montenegro on June 17. The fact is that the resolution was not passed on the basis of the truth, but on the basis of propaganda,” Rankic said.

He said his opinion is supported by an “Independent international commission for investigating the suffering of all peoples in the Srebrenica region” and that he added a report from this commission which determined unequivocally determined that “genocide did not take place in Srebrenica.”

The resolution does not contribute to reconciliation among the peoples in the region but only deepens hate and intolerance, he argued.

The mayor of Bratunac submitted his initiative to the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Aleksa Becic, and all parliamentary clubs.


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