British envoy for Western Balkans to visit Bosnia next week

NEWS 10.12.2021 16:58
Source: Britanska ambasada

UK special envoy for the Western Balkans Sir Stuart Peach will arrive in Bosnia and Herzegovina next week, where he will meet the country's senior officials.

One of the first meetings that the UK envoy will hold is the one with the members of BiH Presidency.

UK prime minister appointed Peach as the special envoy for the Western Balkans, the British Embassy confirmed earlier this month.

“The UK is deeply committed to European security. The Western Balkans are experiencing the biggest threat to their stability and security in over two decades. We have a responsibility to do all we can to preserve the gains achieved through peace and dialogue – we cannot allow any return to the violence and division of the past. Sir Stuart’s extensive experience and expertise will reinforce international efforts to protect peace and promote Euro-Atlantic integration in this crucial region,” PM Boris Johnson said on this occasion.


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