Bundestag's Western Balkans rapporteur: New German govt wants the region in EU

NEWS 10.03.2022 19:15
Source: N1

Adis Ahmetovic, the Bundestag rapporteur for the Western Balkans, said that a new era for this region has come with the appointment of new German government, which has a goal to integrate the Western Balkans into the European Union.

Speaking to N1, Ahmetovic said that the new government led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock clearly say: “We must take the Western Balkans into the European Union.”

“Without the support of Germany, as the greatest power in EU, it would be hard to implement Bosnia and Herzegovina's accession to the Union,” said Ahmetovic.

Baerbock was on an official visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina on Thursday, where she held meetings with senior officials including the members of three-member Presidency. Milorad Dodik, the Serb Presidency member, said on this occasion he advocates the country's territorial integrity as well as its EU candidate status.

Commenting on Dodik's words, Ahmetovic said the Presidency member needs to prove it.

“He has to show he is on the side of the European Union, he has to show he supports sanctions against Russia, that he stands with Ukraine… until that happens, his words remain only words,” he stressed.

Ahmetovic noted that Bosnia and Herzegovina is among the top subjects discussed in parliaments across Europe due to the continuous crisis. He deems that Dodik is “a wrong person” at the duty that he performs, which is why the October elections are crucial.

“If I had power, I would say ‘yes’ to sanctions against Dodik, because it is impossible to forget what has been happening over the past months. Dodik only tried to save himself with such statements today. I believe Dodik will not prove he stands behind the words he said today, because we are still waiting for the response to the war in Ukraine. Is Putin an aggressor? He is. Did Dodik say it? He did not. Did he clearly show solidarity with Ukraine? He did not. Does he support the sanctions on Russia? We also did not hear that. Is he in favour of the EU and NATO?,”, asked Ahmetovic, concluding that as long as these questions are unanswered everything Dodik said will remain unreal.


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