Canada extradites war crimes suspect to Bosnia

NEWS 04.04.2022 16:46
Source: Tužilaštvo BiH

In cooperation with Canadian partner institutions, the Prosecutor's Office of BiH has located, identified and extradited a BiH citizen suspected of crimes against humanity, on Monday.

After landing in BiH, the suspect Nikola Koprivica, born in 1954 in the municipality of Sokolac, will be brought to the acting prosecutor who will interrogate the suspect, and then decide on further activities in the case.

The suspect, who has been in Canada for several years, is under investigation and is charged with participating in the shooting of over 40 Bosniak victims from Novoseoci near Sokolac, who were killed in autumn 1992, at the Ivan Polje location.

An indictment has been filed in this case and court proceedings have recently begun in the Court of BiH.

The BiH Prosecutor's Office thanked the Canadian partner institutions, primarily the Canadian Border Service Agency, for their assistance in locating and extraditing the suspect, as well as their efforts in the fight against impunity for war crimes.


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