Canada fully supports German candidate for new High Representative in Bosnia

NEWS 24.04.2021 15:23
Source: N1

Canada is committed to the stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it fully supports Christian Schmidt as German candidate for the post of the international community’s High Representative in BiH, said Canadian Foreign Minister Marc Garneau.

The statement comes as a response to the letter by the expert team of the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada, sent to prime minister Justin Trudeau demanding a stronger engagement of his country in the strengthening of Bosnian state institutions, the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration, and strengthening of the institution of the High Representative in BiH.

The Institute also demanded the answer on Canada’s position regarding the appointment of the new High Rep.

Canada is one of 55 member states of the Peace Implementation Council in charge of the implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement (DPA), the international deal that ended the Bosnian 1992-95 war. The Office of the High Representative is overseeing the civilian implementation of the peace agreement and represents the countries within the Council.

The current position of the High Representative is held by Austrian diplomat Valentin Inzko.

“I entirely agree that the appointment of a new High Representative is an important matter that needs to be closely considered. High Representative Valentin Inzko has excellently performed this duty for years but he signalled his wish to resign. There were several talks between the members of the (PIC) Steering Board in order to see if all factors were taken into consideration and that a consensus is possible,” the minister was quoted as saying.

He stressed Canada’s commitment to the stability of BiH and the support to German candidate for the post of new High Representative, Christian Schmidt.

“Canada’s priority for Bosnia and Herzegovina is to encourage its development into a peaceful, economically sustainable, multi-ethnic democracy. The work of the OHR is of essential importance for achieving that goal,” the Institute’s official website carried Garneau as saying.


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