Canton Sarajevo to organize Bosnia’s participation at EXPO 2020 in Dubai

NEWS 16.09.2021 15:261 komentar
Source: N1

Canton Sarajevo Prime Minister Edin Forto said Thursday the cantonal government will take it upon itself to organise the participation of BiH entrepreneurs at Dubai EXPO 2020 after the state-level backed out.

“Practically the whole world will be at this event and we don’t want BiH to waste this opportunity,” said Forto.

Canton Sarajevo (KS) Economy Minister Adnan Delic explained how the KS plans to organize BiH’s participation in the EXPO. He said that a presentation of entrepreneurs from the entire territory of BiH would be organized.

“After we heard that BiH authorities gave up our country's appearance at the EXPO because this is a national fair organized exclusively for countries, we contacted the authorities in Dubai who sent us a written consent Wednesday that BiH entrepreneurs can take part in the fair. What is interesting is that preparations for an extremely complex fair have been going on for several years now, and our state has made many of those steps in that preparation, but unfortunately, we gave up at the final phase. After the calculations with BiH’s performance began, the authorities in Dubai offered us a completely free package as far as the stand and infrastructure in Dubai are concerned, but Bosnian authorities still did not find a way to allocate funds in the budget in order to present our country at that fair,” Delic explained.

He also noted that rules and procedures for the registration of representatives at the fair are extremely complex.

“But I hope that we’ll be able to do the job that other countries have been doing for the past five years, in the next few days. Around 20 million Bosnian marks (Some €9.8 million) are investments of the countries of the region when it comes to infrastructure. All branches of the economy from BiH will have the opportunity to present their products and services,” said Delic.

The KS Finance Minister Davor Cicic said that the Government will do its best to find funds for all entrepreneurs going to the EXPO 2020.


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