CEC denies allegations that it is preparing election fraud

NEWS 29.09.2022 13:31
Source: N1

The president of the BiH Central Election Commission (CEC), Suad Arnautovic, denied at a press conference on Thursday allegations that the institution is preparing election fraud, saying that such allegations are “groundless” and represent an attempt to disturb the public.

“The resignation of members of polling committees appointed on the proposals of political entities is not an activity of the body for the implementation of elections, but it is our obligation to fill those polling committees when they remain vacant. That activity of election commissions does not mean ‘preparation for election theft’. This is disinformation and groundless attempt to disturb the public, and we resolutely reject such allegations,” Arnautovic said.

General elections in BiH are set for Sunday.

CEC member, Irena Hadziabdic, said that the CEC adopted by-laws for the implementation of the upcoming elections.


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