Children in Serbia dance to war crimes song

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Fourth graders in an elementary school in Novi Sad danced to a song glorifying war crimes committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the portal said.

It said that a video published on a parental Viber group showed children aged about 10 dancing to the song about war crimes committed in Bosnia which included a derogatory verse about then Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic. The incident happened on the last day of school ceremony for all fourth graders which was attended by about 100 children and four teachers.

The video shows the children start dancing to the song by a Croatian Serb folk singer who was popular during the wars of the 1990s. The children are called to follow their teacher. The song glorifies the killing of hundreds of non-Serb residents of Prijedor and recalls the destruction of the town of Kozarac and the burning of Bosniaks.

Vasa Stajic Elementary School Principal Zorica Djuric said that she learned of the incident on, adding that this was an unfortunate incident and that none of the teachers ever heard the song before. She claimed that the children chose the songs.


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