City of Birmingham commemorates Srebrenica genocide victims

NEWS 07.07.2022 16:15
Source: Source: N1

The "Remembering Srebrenica" committee of the West Midlands region organized Thursday, in cooperation with the BH UK Network and Aston University, a tribute to the 8,372 people killed in the Srebrenica genocide in July 1995.

Head of Remembering Srebrenica for the West Midlands region, Mat Shaer, stressed the importance of holding such events, at Aston University in Birmingham.

The commemoration was attended by, among others, Andy Street CBE, the Mayor of the West Midlands Region and Nasir Awan MBE, the Queen's Envoy, as well as many other dignitaries.

Selma Bektic, whose parents and other family members experienced horrors during the genocide in Srebrenica, also addressed the audience. Selma was born in Great Britain and attended BiH secondary school in Birmingham.

“We are proud of Selma, she found the strength to speak about the sufferings of her family, which lost more than a hundred members, and their remains are still being searched for,” said the statement.

A short documentary film “Remembering Srebrenica” was also shown, causing strong emotions.


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