Civil society reps proposing changes to FBiH entity Constitution to High Rep

NEWS 24.09.2022 19:04
Source: Vijeće za provedbu Deklaracije o ustavnim i drugim reformama BiH

At its session in Sarajevo, the Council for the Implementation of the Declaration on Constitutional and Other Reforms of BiH on its Path to the European Union and NATO agreed on proposals for changes to the Election Law of and Constitution of the Federation (FBiH) entity regarding the prevention of blockades in the process of filling the FBiH House of Peoples, the election of the president and vice president of FBiH and the election of judges to the FBiH Constitutional Court.

The Council, which includes representatives of non-governmental organizations and the academic community, said it will not forward its proposals to the High Representative of the international community in the country, Christian Schmidt.

“The leadership of the Council for the Implementation of the Declaration expects an invitation from the High Representative for a meeting that should be held before the general elections,” said the Council.

At the session, Council members expressed concern over the fact that one of the judges of the FBiH Constitutional Court is retiring in January 2023, which complicates the existing situation created by “illegal obstructions” by FBiH President Marinko Cavara who did not nominate judges for the four vacant seats in court so far.

This “clearly opens up space for a constitutional crisis” in FBiH, the statement by the Council said.


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