Commemoration for 12 Banja Luka babies: Biggest crime in the region

NEWS 24.05.2022 14:39
Source: Vlada RS

A memorial service was for 12 babies, who died at Banja Luka Clinical Centre during the 1992-95 Bosnian war due to the lack of oxygen, was held on Tuesday at the New Cemetery, on the 30th anniversary of the incident.

The parents laid wreaths in company of authorities of Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity, where the city of Banja Luka is located, both at the cemetery and the ‘Life’ memorial.

Republika Srpska President, Zeljka Cvijanovic, said that institutions and citizens should commit to what is called a safe Republika Srpska, where no one would ever take away the right of children to live and have a treatment, to go to school and build a secure future.

Prime Minister Radovan Viskovic noted that the suffering of 12 Banja Luka babies is the biggest crime in this region, which the RS institutions will never forget or forget to the world's strongmen.

UN Security Council introduced a ban on international flights in May and June 1992, preventing the airplanes carrying oxygen bottles from Belgrade to land in Banja Luka, which caused the death of 12 of 14 babies born at that time.

The first baby died on May 22, 1992, and by June 19 the same year 12 more babies passed away. Due to the same consequences, the thirteenth baby Sladjana Kobas died at the age of 14 while the fourteenth baby, Marko Medakovic, suffers the lifelong consequences caused by the lack of the oxygen following his birth.

This case still has several interpretations of what is the real cause of this tragic event.


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