Court confirms indictment related scandal that shook BiH's top judicial body

NEWS 29.01.2021 11:52
Source: N1

Bosnia’s State Court partially confirmed on Friday an indictment against a suspended state police official and a businessman in a bribery case, one of the two major affairs that led to the resignation of the head of Bosnia’s top judicial institution.

According to prosecutors, State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) official Marko Pandza asked for and received money from the businessman, Nermin Alesevic, to mediate in the execution of certain actions.


The indictment is related to a scandal that shook Bosnia’s top judicial institution, the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC).

In May 2019, the local ‘Zurnal’ web portal published a secretly recorded video of a meeting between Pandza, Alesevic and HJPC President.

Zurnal said it was evidence that Tegeltija received a bribe from Alesevic to speed up an investigation in the Canton Sarajevo Prosecutor’s Office, while Pandza allegedly acted as the middle man.

The video appears to be showing Alesevic handing the money to Pandza but does not contain footage of Tegeltija taking it over and the HJCP official cannot be heard asking for any money directly.

He can only be heard asking for the case number and the name of the prosecutor.

Alesevic, however, is also the person who revealed the affair to the media.

The businessman had asked to be granted immunity in the case, but his request was rejected by prosecutors. His subsequent appeal to the Constitutional Court was also rejected.

Tegeltija has meanwhile found himself at the centre of another scandal involving another secretly recorded conversation which, according to the media, proves his involvement in trading in influence.

These two scandals, as well as reports on the state of Bosnia's judiciary and the HJCP by the OSCE and an EU expert, led to Tegeltija’s resignation in December 2020.


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