Court sentences SDA's Zukic to 3 yrs for corruption, releases Sarajlic

NEWS 29.07.2022 11:54
Source: N1

The former Democratic Action Party (SDA) secretary general, Amir Zukic, was sentenced to three years in prison for illegal extortion, which ended the first instance procedure in the "Bosna" case on Friday. At the same time, the Municipal Court in Sarajevo released Asim Sarajlic, who was sanctioned by the US for corruption in April 2022, of all charges.

The Municipal Court in Sarajevo also found the former executive director of Elektroprivreda Bosnia and Herzegovina Esed Dzananovic guilty, sentencing him to 3 years in prison for the same charges.

Sadet Bibic was sentenced to six years in prison.

Senad and Nedzat Trako, and Ramiz Karavdic were also found guilty.

Asim Sarajlic, a high official of the SDA and a delegate in the State Parliament who was sanctioned by the US Department of Treasury for abuse of office and corruption, was acquitted of the charges.

In addition to Sarajlic, Zukic and Dzananovic were acquitted of one count of the indictment.

Zukic, Dzananovic, Bibic, Senad and Nedzad Trako, Ramiz Karavdic and Asim Sarajlic were accused of illegal mediation in employment, abuse of position and receiving a reward or other form of benefit for influence peddling.


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